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The video camera as another weapon: Grupo Alavío  
  Published Spring, 2005 Community Media Review


Straight from the barrios: Argentina's TV Piquetera  
  Published Fall 2004 Colorlines Magazine


Christmas without political prisioners  
  Published December 26, 2004 Znet


Anarchist film during the Spanish Civil War  
  Published November 18, 2004 Buenos Aires Herald


Occupied factory movement  
  Published October 6, 2004 Znet


Freedom for Josu Lariz Iriondo  

Published July 9, 2004 Znet


Piqueteras celebrate International Women's Day  

Published April 25, 2004 Znet


Alternative Media Debates  

Published January 24, 2004 Znet



Published December 12, 2003 Znet


30 Years Since Chile's Military Coup  
  Published October 3, 2003 Interhemispheric Resource Center


Recuperating our work: Del Valle Ceramins Factory  
  Published September 14, 2003 Znet


Brukman workers ccntinue to fight  

Published June 4, 2003 Znet








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