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GRUPO ALAVÍO has been producing audiovisual materials describing social conflicts and workers' struggles for almost 10 years. We consider our documentaries an intervention.

A fundamental axis for action is the application of media skills and technology. They provide tools to struggle and construct subjectivity from the interests and identity of the working class and oppressed sectors.

At this time we put together materials as a quick response, and an example: counter-information journalism, proof against state repression, and as materials to plan and evaluate direct action, etc. Some of our more elaborated projects are destined to reflect and generate debates about our own practices as an exploited class and search for contradictions that impede successful confrontation for an emancipatory struggle.

We work with social organizations struggling to produce videos, tv transmissions, publications, video screenings, debates among other activities. These organizations also propose and author projects. In the past years, we have grown as part of collectives created in response to the deepening crisis.







































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