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Welcome Backgammon Lovers

This is roadkillbooks backgammon player's website. If your here it's probably because you love backgammon . Here I hope to display some analyzed matches, doubling problems and reviews of backgammon books. Right now Im still trying to figure out how to set up the website . The more time I spend on this, the less there is to play! There will be an English and Spanish site. Many of the links will be the same but the coverage will not.I don't quite know how this will go. I might have to swith to a traditional blog or maybe combine them. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Roadkillbooks vs lewscannon

Good solid 9-point match for fibsleague session 45. I really need a win here to stay afloat. I lose after being 99.92% to win in the Crawford game...ouch.

Roadkillbooks vs Kit Woolsey

Ok here it is. The match of my young backgammon career. I played realtively solid and I was REALLY close. So close that this is a heartbreaker. I was over 96% to win for several rolls until the house came tumbling down.




Backgammon with SeaLions

To my knowlege this was the first backgammon game betweena human and a sea lion. The stakes were fish per point. Only one game was played and I lost after dropping a 2 cube after the sealion jumped my prime with a 1-6. The dog was going to rotate in if multiple games were played.I am aware of the trend for cates to play backgammon. But I expect that this will spark a trend of backgammon with the animals.




Billy Craven analyzed matches

To everyone's dismay. Billy Craven past away on July 28th at the age of 30. My only source for this information is fibsboard and the string offereing condolences. FIBSBOARD BillyWorld string. Billy and I entered the fibs league at the same time. We had epic battles in sesame league (session 39) then we battled it out in gold league(session 40). We then met again for an sweet 9 point match in Master league (session 42). In the following days after our mid-June masters league match, we played a couple of 5 pointers. Our early league matches our gone but our 1 game 9point match, as well as our 8 game 5 point match, and another are included with frosty analysis. I have yet to write comment on the matches. Enjoy.

roadkillbooks vs BillyC 9-pointer 6/14/09

roadkillbooks vs BillyC 5-pointer 6/18/09

roadkillbooks vs BillyC 5-pointer 6/19/09


Fibs vs Gammonzone, part 1
With the keen insight and organization of Tomawaky., the launch of WOBGT (World Online Backgammon Tour) took place on September 12th,2009. An elected team of five from FIBS played the first round of five 9 point matches against a team from Gammonzone. The FIBS team consisted of TheCube, Zorba, roadkillbooks, elmicho and dorbel. They were pitted against a Gammonzone team of Cubehead, jimschothorst,wuffers, ExxWhy and LAT_Ronald. The matches were a lot of fun with about a dozen people watching each of the games. This first session was held at FIBS.

The first match was TheCube vs Cubehead.

After the match reached the score of 5-3 in favor of FIBS' TheCube, technically difficulties took over as the Cubehead was not familiar with the FIBS interface. In the end the game was restarted and each resigned games until reaching the 5-3 score. For this reason there is still no match file for this match. In the end TheCube pulled out the victory, winning the match 9-6.

partial result FIBS 1-0 Gammonzone

The second match was Zorba vs jimschothorst

partial result FIBS 1-1 Gammonzone

The third match was roadkillbooks vs wuffers

partial result FIBS 2-1 Gammonzone

The fourth match was elmicho vs ExxWhy

partial result FIBS 2-2 Gammonzone

The fifth match was dorbel vs LAT_Ronald

FINAL result FIBS 3-2 Gammonzone


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